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About Us

Interior Spaces is known for making the most of your space on an aesthetic as well as practical level. We specialize in design solutions sympathetic to the era of your home while still being functional by incorporating all the modern conveniences you desire for comfortable living. Homeowners, architects, builders and contractors recognize Interior Spaces’ utmost attention to design and detail.

In our garden designs we believe in the creative blending of natural elements with the practical beauty of built elements such as terraces, pergolas, pools and porches. By carefully extending the functional qualities of a home’s space into the garden, we firmly anchor the garden to the house in a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior.

Interior Spaces is a full-service firm with the ability to take your design from conceptual planning through the construction “punch-list”. We assist you with the building process by meeting with contractors, builders and vendors to make sure that your vision and our plan combine to become your reality. With over 30 years experience in the Tampa area, we have strong relationships with many builders, suppliers and vendors. We also have the ability to obtain local government approvals required to build within designated historic districts.

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Interior Spaces, Inc.
914 S Oregon Ave.
Tampa, FL  33606

Phone: 813-251-8862
Fax: 813-251-5942

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